The highest level of comfort in the Parc Hotel is offered by Suites festooned with furnishings that represent a superb fusion of rustic elements, deriving from the local artistic tradition, with the latest technology and modern style, where each piece of furniture is distinguished by the inimitably original minimalist style of Lissoni.
Thanks to immense windows and open facade of the hotel, guests can enjoy astonishing and unrivalled views over the Alps. This feature, along with the spacious area available for guests, qualifies the Parc Hotel Suites as the most charming and comfortable ones. They are all enhanced by the outstandingly innovative and modern design, which thanks to the fine selection of neutral and warm shades of nature-inspired colours makes them even more cosy and stylish .
The Suites are also embellished with precious wood art, deriving from the artisan tradition of Aosta Valley, as well as historic pictures placed on walls creating spacious, bright and peaceful space where a living room is equipped with walk-in closet . The highest quality standards are guaranteed and omnipresent everywhere in the suites providing their guests even with a living room equipped with an office area featuring advanced technology.


Amenities in Suite Rooms are


The unbreakable union between ingenious comfort and tradition, that defines flawlessly the entire Resort.

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